Competition Information

Day of Competition Information

Admission to the event is FREE.

Program booklets are $10 & T-Shirts will be available for purchase $20 & $25

Sunday, March 1st

The Warner Theatre

68 Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790

warner theatre.gif

Doors Open:

8:30 AM

Times are approximate.

9:00 AM Back stage opens

Youth Division

9:30 AM

Stage Time: TBA

15 Minute Break

Junior Division Group 1

10:30 AM

Open Stage Time: TBA

15 Minute Break

Junior Division Group 2


Open Stage Time: TBA

1 Hour Lunch Break

Senior Division Group 1


Open Stage Time: TBA

15 Minute Break

Senior Division Group 2


Open Stage Time: TBA

15 Minute Break

Pas de Deux


Open Stage Time: TBA

1 Hour Dinner Break

Awards Ceremony




Only students in each category will be allowed in the dressing area at a time. 

When you are finished competing please take all of your costumes and personal belongings and leave the dressing area. Use the side stage door to the theater between variations. 

Please Do Not use the lobby doors or side stage door when someone is on stage performing.  Lobby Doors must remain closed at all times and please keep the noise level in the Lobby at a minimum during the competition. 


Your studio packet with 2 coach badges will be available on Saturday, March 2nd during the Master Classes at Check-In OR on Sunday at the CT Classic information table in the lobby at the Warner Theatre. 

NO ONE will be allowed backstage without a badge. 


You will receive a free digital video copy of each variation approximately two weeks after performance. If you do not receive your video please contact us. To view your videos, please use your school code.


Are available at the judges table after the competition. Only School Directors or School Representatives will be able to pick up the score sheets. You must show your badge.

Parents are not allowed to pick up the score sheets unless the competitor is registered as independent. 

If you are not able to stay for the awards ceremony please have a representative pick up your students scores. 

We do not keep score sheets on file and we do not mail them.

The Connecticut Classic Scoring:

To promote fairness, Judges will only know the name and age of the contestant. They will not know the name of the schools or coaches.

When competing two variations the lowest score will be dropped. The highest score will be used to determine winners.

Contestants are judged on Technique and Artistry.